Monday, May 7, 2012



Wildflowers we are.  A random, whimsical, elegant, and anything but simple group of ladies.  A bouquet so colorful, vibrant and full of life. 

These ladies are my sisters, MY HEART SISTERS.  These ladies, all but one, were not women I knew by more than sight.  Yet here they are, my sweet circle of love.

A few short months has woven us together, a patchwork quilt of personalities, talents, hopes and struggles.  The way the fabric of our lives is being stitched together is a blessing I delight in.  Each one of us handpicked and sewn together right at the heart. Together we make beautiful art.  It's these ladies that warm my heart and wrap my soul with a tenderness that you can't find just anywhere.

A door that has been opened, no knocking required.  A circle that stands, coffee cups in hand just waiting to greet the next to arrive.  The warm cup of coffee handed off with a sly smile to waiting hands.  It is slipping off your shoes and nibbling on tasty treats baked so full of love that you just can't get enough.  It is looking for dust to doodle in and knowing that someday you really will get to hand write a message to be found later.

It is the way each conversation weaves and dances so eloquently through tears and laughter, and laughter and tears.  It is getting real, even if sometimes our real isn't so shiny.  It is showing our imperfections and being scooped up by encouraging hands and tender hearts.  It is listening and really hearing the desires, struggles and triumphs of women who are walking by faith, hand in hand.  It is laughing over the err of our human ways.  It is getting lost in HIS WORD.  It is the way we all seem to circle the same sentence and underline the same verse.  It is studying and learning and growing with sisters who are passionate about their love for Christ. 

It is the moment we all bow our heads or turn our faces to HIS presence and we pray, and we pray and we pray.  We lift up each other.  We pray for blessings, salvation, healing, and understanding for our families and loved ones.  We give praise for the way he has drawn us together and created a beautiful symphony in our voices, each picking up where another has left off.  

It is looking at the clock with shock and awe, and the feeling of disappointment that three hours has passed and we are just getting started.

It is this circle of women that I am most thankful for in this season of my life.  They were planted in the garden of my heart at exactly the right time, and as our friendship blooms I can't help but feel grateful for these ladies I sweetly think of as my heart sisters.