Friday, July 6, 2012


MMM, It's been a while, too long in fact.  Five Minute Fridays with Lisa-Jo.  The day of the week when we gather around, throw caution to the wind and write for five minutes flat.  No over thinking, no editing, no back tracking, just finger painting with our words.  Then link up, pass the plate and encourage the one who shared before you.  Ready, Set, GO!

This weeks prompt...STORY!

Oh yes, THIS STORY OF MINE, the one that begins with once upon a time......through adventure and comedy, action and drama, births and deaths, abuse and romance, a life that knows tribulation but dances in celebration of the triumphs.

From the country to the city and back again, the plot is unfolding.  The scenes have been written.  A wild cast of characters in THIS STORY OF MINE.  Some shattered and broken, some shiny and new.  Each one soldered together, a kaleidoscope of color, shapes and sizes, these heroes and villains who illustrate the everyday I tiptoe through. 

There are pages, whole chapters in fact that I once wished to erase, to edit and rewrite, to rip out and crumble.  Oh but that was before the season of now.  The season in which HE shows me that without those pages I couldn't be here.  For this is the chapter that HE has punctuated with surrender, grace, mercy, faith, hope and TRUST.  This divine author has written a page turner, but I am flipping the pages as slowly as I can.  Marinating in every moment, listening to the sweet, beautiful music, and breathing in life and love.  When this story ends and the final page is turned, the real fairytale will only be just beginning.

John 1:1 ~In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.



  1. So beautiful! I love the way you use words. And your last sentence is reminds me of C. S. Lewis' The Last Battle. :)

  2. "Marinating in every moment". I love your words here today. I am visiting from 5 Minute Friday. I love your blog header, and the way you describe yourself on your "about me". Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Dear Clover,

    You captured some of my feelings as I look back on my life. Some chapters I wish to erase, rip out or rewrite. But praise God...He is able to bring good even from my failures.

    Beautifully written.

    In Christ...Susan

  4. Divine author, indeed. Love that! Thanks for stopping by my blog.