Friday, November 18, 2011


So here we go again......linking up with Lisa Jo from Gypsy Mama for 5 Minute Fridays.

For only five short, bold, beautiful minutes. Unscripted and unedited. We just write without worrying if it’s just right or not.  Won’t you join us?

This weeks prompt is GROW

I step from the shower and stand in front of the mirror, drinking in each dimple, sag, freckle, and curve.  Starting from my crooked toe and letting my eyes wander upward.  I want to judge, to condemn, to imagine an outward appearance that is more pleasing.  I am still.  I am staring deeply into my own eyes, and beyond, and then I smile.  I recognize the pooch in belly that carried three beautiful babies, the crows feet that form when I crinkle my eyes while smiling, and the laugh lines that are etched from happiness, and I grow in love for the beauty marks that decorate me.

I look across the muddy footprints on a freshly mopped floor, left by little boys who have just raced through the front door and out the back chasing each other through imaginary adventures.  I want to yell, point out the dirt, but I don't.  I just breathe, and I grow in patience.

I tip toe silently into a hospital room, observing wires and machines, listening to her shallow breaths and cries of pain.  I stand frozen, watching.  I am scared, and angry and part of me wants to walk away, but I don't.  I close my eyes and pray.  I take her hand into mine and I stroke her hair, and I grow in forgiveness.

I pass him on the street, and I look away.  I hold my breath to avoid his stench.  I am afraid of his brokenness, his instability, his life.  Days go by, and our paths cross again.  This time I look up and meet his gaze, I reach out my hand to offer a few dollars.  He smiles and offers a handshake and his name.  I smile and begin to walk away, but not before he says God Bless You, and I grow in acceptance.

I give orders and set rules.  I schedule and plan.  I maintain while I control.  I carve out time and I silence myself.  I breathe in.  I open my heart.  I look up.  I get lost in his word.   I pray.  I grow in Christ.

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  1. Beautiful...the ways we grow when Christ is alive in us and working through us. May I grow in these same ways, too-

    Blessed for having been here tonight-
    Thank YOU