Thursday, February 23, 2012


DELIGHT....DELIGHT....DELIGHT!  Finally getting around to last weeks 5 minute Friday.  Only a week a late, but done nonetheless.

Strong coffee and sweet cream, sipped in silence and sunshine.

The symphony of laughter that punctuates a car ride with two silly boys telling jokes.

Slipping into a steamy bubble bath up to your chin.

The sound of my daddy's voice on the other end of the phone when the miles between us get in the way.

Matt's arms, anytime, anywhere.

Hot apple pie, and vanilla ice cream.

Having six chairs filled at the dinner table.


Hot sand and blue water.

A book that can hold your attention so long you regret it the next morning.

Deep tissue massage.


Memories of eye winkers, washing machine hugs, and math lessons from the wisest man and my biggest fan.

Grandma's home cooking and my ability to duplicate it.

Lyrics and loud music.


Cinnamon rolls.

Loving my mom in spite of herself.

Friends that meets my needs for every reason, in every season and those that are mine for a lifetime.
Muscle cars.


Sunsets, mountains, and the changing of leaves in the fall.

Weekends at the lake, sleeping in a tent, star filled skies.

Finding love.

Being a mom to the most amazing 4 kids on the face of the planet.

Sundays that start with church and end with family.

Wrapping words up and then spilling them out all over a page.


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  1. Hello! I love what you delight in! I find myself delighting in many of the same things. Especially the finding love, coffee & sweet cream and wrapping words up up & spilling them onto a page! I look forward to following your adventures!