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Sometimes I find myself getting so wrapped up in activities, events, and projects.  I create to-do lists, and agendas and schedules.  I find myself rushing, and stressing, and complaining.  I get grumpy, and irritated and stressed.  I feel inadequate, irresponsible, and unable.

Today's prompt is a good reminder that many of the things I busy myself with really don't matter.  In my walk with the Lord I have been reading much about the way satan uses chaos in our lives to keep us from seeking time with God.  His agenda is to steal our time, steal our resources, occupy our minds, make us busy, busy, busy.  Tempting us to borrow and spend, engage in small talk and gossip, filling our minds with thoughts of greed and want.  He sends husbands and wives away from their homes for endless hours so that they can better afford empty lifestyles, and children can raise themselves.  He fills our homes with the many distractions of television, video games, internet and texting so that when that small, still voice comes whispering our name we are too distracted to actually hear it.  How often do you rush through your week, from commitment to commitment, heading into over scheduled, over planned weekends filled with excess of this and that, so much of it meaningless, only to reach Sunday night feeling exhausted and unprepared for the week ahead?  I am becoming keenly aware of the way satan works to distract us from our own lives and living for what is really relevant.

Relevant is a husband who needs my encouragement, support and love when he returns home from providing for his family.  It is two small boys who need to be lavished with gooey kisses, bear hugs, laughter, gentle words and my undivided attention without hearing me promise that I will be available if they just give me 5 more minutes.  It is a teenage daughter who I don't always feel like I know or understand, and my need to find a stronger relationship and common ground with her so that there is a level or comfort, and she doesn't doubt how much she is loved.  It is my oldest baby as he journeys into adulthood needing  my respect, encouragement, and trust.  He needs me to lengthen the reign but stand within arms reach so I can catch him if he falls.

What is relevant is me.  It is my relationship with myself, my relationship with God, and my focus on following a path that brings me the strength, enthusiasm and peace I need to be the wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend I want to be to those who really matter in my life.

That is what is relevant.


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