Friday, October 28, 2011

Yes Days!!!!!

They bring dimples to cheeks that can only be reached through wide smiles.  They draw giggles, yippee's and genuine "thank you's" from the mouths of little boys.  They light up eyes that twinkle with delight so much that they brighten a room.  YES DAYS!  Those days that my cup is full, and I have enough left to give that I can answer each plea and request with a YES or a WHY NOT?

Days like today!  They are my favorites.  Simple days really.

Leaving the school parking lot two little boys quietly ask if we can go for smoothies at Juice Jungle, and I can say YES.  Two little boys want to stay and play a while chasing their friends in the front door and out the back, and climb rock piles, and I can say YES.

Back in the car and headed to my office to catch up on a little work, two little boys want to stop at Blue Moon and Allsport to pick out a little toy to entertain them while mommy works, and I can say YES.  Oh the joy that can be found in $3.75 worth of rubber zombies, or a new sketch book and pencils because I can say YES.

A trip to the grocery store and those same two guys bicker over dinner ideas.  Ry asks for a pot of my potato soup with breadsticks and Austin makes a good argument for bbq burgers, and I can say YES, of course I can make both.

Chocolate treats and ice cream after dinner?  Well of course I said YES!

I love days like today, so simple, so easy, over flowing with the little things that fill me up.

There are so many days that I want to hunch at the shoulders, plug my ears and drop my head when I listen to myself repeat over and over the word no, because I said so, because mommy is tired, because mommy has too much to do, because mommy needs a minute.......excuses made by a girl who is learning to perfect the word NO when it comes to requests that empty me.

A girl that is learning that sometimes saying NO to everything else allows me to say YES to my family.

I love YES days.


  1. I need more days like this, I am sure my kids would love it!! :-) Wonderful post!