Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What are you thankful for Wednesday?

So tonight I asked the boys to share with me 5 things they are thankful for, and what they would ask God for if they only had one wish.  I realize how much energy I put into expressing my gratitude, counting my blessings, and praying for the needs of others as well as my own.  However, I don't discuss the importance of gratitude nearly often enough with the kids.  After chatting with them about this, we have decided that every Wednesday I will ask them these same questions and record their answers.  I am excited to learn more about the places in their lives that they feel blessed and hope to see some of their answers evolve.

Austin is thankful for: 
Playing soccer
Playing the precorder
Nintendo DSI
His Bike 
If he could ask God for one thing, it would be that his family never dies.

Ryan is thankful:
That mom makes really good dinner
For mom and dad doing the laundry
His toys
Food when he is hungry
Getting to go to the waterslides

If he could ask God for one thing, it would be that our family had more money.

And tonight I am grateful for:
Dinner time around the table with my boys.
Hearing "thank you mom, dinner was so good" and receiving a giant hug from Ryan (something he learned from his daddy).
Fresh brewed coffee waiting when I climb out of bed.
Bubble baths.
Mint truffles.

If I could ask God for one thing, it would be for him to reveal himself to my husband, in a way that he can trust and believe, so that he too can build a relationship with the Lord.


  1. I am thankful for your inspiring blog, and that my family life will be as rewarding....

  2. I love you so much, you have always been a parent I looked up to as a role model for afternoons just like this one.